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Owner / Artist Patti Palmer Maher

When I was in college I received a letter from my sister Ellen. On the back of the envelope was the inscription “Help stamp out empty mailboxes!” I immediately responded by writing a letter in return, putting it in the mail the very same day. Little did I know that I would never see Ellen again and had I waited one extra day to write the letter she would never have seen my response.

That is the one thing I have never regretted in life — taking immediate action… writing a letter… making personal contact… responding to love.

This is the spirit behind Fine Lines notecards, the business I established in 1990. It is a tribute to my sister Ellen… artist, mentor, friend. Ellen taught me how to draw and paint and encouraged my love of writing. We planned someday to write and illustrate children’s books together. It wasn’t until many years later that I began my business, which represents the spirit of staying in touch… of taking time to say “I love you” and to say how deeply we feel about each other. My cards come from a great love of communication and of personal contact, which seems so often lacking in the world today. 

I encourage you to write to someone you love today!

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Ballet Project


I am working on several projects including a Ballet project in which I'm looking to capture the elegant lines of the dance experience in pencil, pen & Ink, and watercolor images.

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